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Here is what my customers have shared:

The beef and vegetable samosas were teriffic.  

We Shared with friends and family who were all really impressed.  

We will be back for more.  

S. Ponting

I have tried both the vegetarian and beef and they are very tasty.

T. McCoy Bosch


They were the nicest samosas I have ever tasted, the veg ones are particularly special,

packed to the brim, I could eat them now just thinking about it!



They were so nice, I could eat loads!



Our guests enjoyed the vegetable, I liked the turkey hope to order again.



They were amazing so I ordered more for tea!



Thanks the samosas were divine, tons more better than the local stores.

MA Duplooy


Best samosas I ever tried!  I will make more orders in the future :)

S. Peixoto


They are amazing

D. ColClough


Personally, so happy I am not a neighbour as I absolutely can't stop eating them.

I went for the mixed batch and can't decide which ones I love most. All so tasty.

P. Faria


I ordered 12 samosa's for my daughter who tried them at my 50th party.... she ate 10 in one go!!!

C. Carter

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