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Cooking from frozen

You cant beat a freshly fried up hot samosa.   You can purchase batches of frozen samosas and fry them them as when required.  They normally have a 2 month span in the freezer so they do not need to be eaten in one go, instead you can savour these delicious treats as and when you need them. (batches of 12)




1) Ensure that there no broken  samosas as they will spread out in the fryer and splatter everywhere;


2)  Cook from frozen;


3)  If you are using a deep fat fryer fry at 190 degrees;


4) If you want to shallow fry you can fry the samosas in a small frying pan on medium heat and cook till they are golden brown which should take  8-10 minutes;


5) Immediately place them on a napkin to drain and cool down, then .....ENJOY!  









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