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 Samosas2 go parties, vegetarian, beef, turkey, lamb, chicken  Will deliver in Swindon , Wroughton, Wootton Bassett, South Marston,    RETAILERS call on 07722323581     In the Swindon Advertiser  16 January 2018, click on link below:



Steve retired, World Champion in Snooker, I have always aspired to as a child...loved watching snooker.



ARE YOU INTERESTED IN RETAILING  THESE SCRUMPTIOUS  SAMOSAS CONTACT ME ON 07722323581,  will deliver on demand, Lydiard Millicent, Cricklade, Purton, Swindon, Royal Wootton Bassette,  Wroughton will deliver at least 20 miles  out of Swindon.


Inspected and approved by Swindon Borough Council.


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These mouth-watering delights have originated from my mum (family recipe).  

The samosas are crispy, moist and succulent, bursting with juicy flavours at your first bite.  Packed to the brim with delicious greens. Traditional dry herbs are used and added with freshly made masala to enhance the taste that provides that unique flavour.  

The pastry, greens are purchased locally and each order will be freshly made upon order placed.

Fillings include extra healthy turkey mince, chicken, beef, lamb, vegetables (for our vegetarian friends).  

If you like that extra heat, request for chutney made with coriander, chilli ...mmm you will absolutely love it!


But, don't take my word for it, try it for  yourself, as many have BUT be warned you'll be back! ??

I hope you enjoy eating them as much as I have enjoyed preparing it! ??



All my customers have tried various samosas, however after tasting these little wonders ...well, you only need to read their testimonials,  The difference is really in the  filling, ingredients and herbs used... try 'em' or order a mixed batch!  



You are more than welcome to ask for a sample before you order (your welcome to call me and discuss further)

Prices are based per dozen, Or you can order individual samosas at £1.10 each  and needs to complete a batch of 12.  Or x12 for £12

Simply text, email or call to place your required quantity.  


Samosas are perfect  for parties, events, local businesses within Wiltshire, or for any occassion.


My  mother from the  State of Gujrat, India   moved to  Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)  after she got married to my dad.  My grand father  had also  migrated to South Africa then moved to Rhodesia, was a business man and  built a soap factory and Bakery and built  double storey apartments  in the  town I was born... he was a pioneer at the time.    It was a long while before both my parents started  their  own  business my dad his bakery in the early 1980's .  For my mum   It all began...when my she opened a cafe  in 1979 in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe, when I was a young child.  

I was ever so ready to observe and learn the family recipe.  It was a popular snack on the menu.


The samosas were known far and wide in the country, the locals, boarding school students, and  travellers from neighbouring countries would purchase these frozen or cooked.  

These are still sold today (almost 40 years!) my retired parents make a small living and pass their time chatting to the locals and passer-bys who still come to the cafe.




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